Monday, May 28, 2012

Let It Go

I was about to start this off by saying what a valuable lesson I have learned in this lifetime, but in all honesty, it’s a continual learning process for me…I relearn it all the time, as different “opportunities” present themselves:
As soon as you release something, it fixes itself.
Take tonight, for instance:
When I’d retrieved my phone to add an appointment to my calendar, I discovered that all my calendar entries were gone. Completely gone. My first instinct was to chuck my phone through the wall, but I held off. I breathed in; and I breathed out. I still wanted to take a sledge hammer to it, as my phone has been doing these types of things lately, and it’s disconcerting, to say the least. Instead, I chose to release it, as I wondered if maybe it was a sign to not be so attached to appointments and to not be so caught-up in the future; maybe it was pressing me to live in the Now…which it did.
I let it go. I told myself that whatever it was that was on my calendar will resurface if it’s important enough. I cut it loose. And lo and behold if I didn’t restart my phone to find my calendar was restored!
Would it have been restored even if I hadn’t had that mindset, even if I hadn’t “let it go”? Maybe; maybe not. I could pick petals out of a flower all day long and still be uncertain. But it sure felt right, knowing I could let it go and not be stressed; to live in the moment, with true assuredness that everything unfolds exactly as it should. Because it does. It always does.
How smoothly would things flow if I could do that all the time?
I’m on it.

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