Thursday, May 3, 2012

The I LOVE Project: The Internet

Seriously, what did people do before the World Wide Web? I use it for everything. Here I am, Betty Crocker, Jr., (NOT!) getting my icing ready for my cookie decorating class that I have this evening, when I’m faced with a conundrum: it calls for 1 pound of powdered sugar, yet I don’t have a scale, and the bag I have was once a 2-pound bag, before I used some of it, so it’s not like I can just halve it! So what do I do? I open a Google search engine page and lo and behold, within seconds, I have my answer: one pound of powdered sugar is 3 ¾ cups. Who knew?!

Now…is that sifted or un-sifted?!

Back to Google I go.

I love you, Internet!

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