Friday, May 4, 2012

The I LOVE Project: A Child's Laughter

The more I hang out with my three-year-old great-niece, the more it makes me want to work with younger children again. Her curiosity is invigorating; her vitality, powerful and contagious. But most of all, I love her laugh. I love laughter in general; it’s one of my favorite sounds. But the laughter of a small child makes my soul flutter.
I’m grateful for these joys life allows; these simple yet crucial things. The sound of a youngster laughing can kiss proverbial boo-boos until they are all better. That type of playful laughter can help us trace back the roots of who we truly are, help us recall where we came from: the place of Pure Love.
If Pure Love itself has a sound, I’d bet it’s the reverberation of giggles coming from deep within the belly of an innocent child.

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