Sunday, May 6, 2012

The I LOVE Project: Luna

I can remember, as a young child, sitting on the stoop outside the house, gazing up at the moon, promising myself that I would go there someday. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to get there, and I’m still not exactly sure how that will happen, but I continue to put that energy out there, in attempts to be proactive in the creation of my life, in bringing sweet wishes to fruition (which we all have the power to do).
I’m not really certain of the origination of my connection with the moon, although I know it’s a well-rooted one. There’s a part of me that wonders if it’s due to the fact that the moon is one of the few things unchanging – or at least minimally changing – in this world; so, if reincarnation is an actuality, from lifetime to lifetime, maybe I recognize its bold, familiar face and immediately am lured-in by its mighty grasp.
Tonight, we have a “super” full moon:  it’s the closest it’ll be to Mother Earth all year long; her sinew resonating throughout our galaxy, even more so than usual.
I’ve heard that they are building a transportation device that one can use to venture to the outskirts of Earth’s atmosphere to about the point where one becomes weightless, and then turn around. Sounds pretty cool to me; I mean, just imagine the awe-struck feeling you would have by participating in that. And hey, it’s only, like, $200k! For the price of a pretty darn decent house (depending on where you live), you can take one trip to space and back! … I’m hopeful that, before I leave this place, they’ll lower the price and extend the distance…quite a bit farther…say, to about the nose of the Man in the Moon – and give us general folk a taste of that fabulous wonder!
(*Note: this was written on Cinco de Mayo 2012; posted on the 6th.)

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