Monday, May 7, 2012

The I LOVE Project: Nightmares

I know, I know: what sane person would love nightmares, right?! Well, first of all, I never claimed to be sane… Aside from that, if you look at it from the standpoint that the purpose of dreams is to acquire crucial messages that help move one through life on a path leading to your soul purpose, then I believe that one should love the “bad” ones just as much as the “good” ones.
The last weekend in April was Dream Awareness Weekend, and I went to a gathering where we had a potluck and sat around a fire discussing dreams and enjoying each other’s company. At that time, I voiced aloud that I hadn’t had a nightmare in years – which was true. I find it interesting that, over the course of the week following that event, I had nightmares! What’s that about?!
And even though there were several nights that following week that I awoke with that anxious, scared feeling commonly associated with a frightful dream experience, I do still love the fact that my subconscious mind is making such an effort to get my attention. That is, afterall, my understanding of what nightmares are: the subconscious mind shaking the dreamer, saying, “Listen up! You need to hear this!” But what was the message, exactly? I’m still slightly befuddled.
I’ll glance back at my dream journal and share the gist…

The nightmares /unpleasant dreams began on May 3.
On May 3: My nephew-in-law was pounding on the back door of the house I grew up in, clearly upset, stormed in and grabbed my arm, saying, “Oh no you didn’t!” I sensed that he was upset because I’d “liked” a photo on Facebook that showed him kissing the cheek of his friend’s girlfriend, and my “liking" it brought it to the attention of my niece, his wife, who was very upset about it. In the living room, my family was playing games together, and after a while, I realized my niece was still in the bathroom, probably upset, so I decided to stop playing and go find her to talk to her about what was going on. This dream left me with an uneasy feeling.
In a subsequent dream, I was in a tall building, looking out the window, down at this gal who sat on the edge of a couch or cement stool-type-thing on the sidewalk, and she would lean her torso 90 degrees and spin around in circles, super-fast, many times in a row. This had something to do with a newsroom or TV station.
On May 4: Something physically unpleasant was happening to me. I was screaming, or maybe I was trying to but couldn’t. When I awoke, I wasn’t screaming but it was as though I was trying to – I was relieved that I wasn’t actually screaming! I felt like I was trying to get away from something or someone threatening. I believe I was in an unfamiliar house. I had later recollections of a garage and a car. In a dream following that, my husband and I were in some type of Amazing-Race-like competition and I’d begun to grow concerned for one of the teams, as they hadn’t arrived at the meeting place (house) where we were all supposed to meet up. I was relieved when I saw their vehicle outside. My husband’s brother had arrived, and I kept thinking how it must have been driving him crazy that the place was so messy. I especially recall the bathroom, how there were jars and containers all over the counter, namely jars of hand soap. I was in the living room talking to others when I looked up and noticed a car that was heading toward the living room. It was a black vehicle and I don’t think anyone was in it but a man was running beside it, as though he wanted to stop it but was unable to. It crashed through the living room. I was flabbergasted as to how that could possibly happen, and I remember thinking the guy running next to it must have been an idiot.
In regards to these nightmares, the one thing I can truly piece together was that, that week, I was completely burning the candle at both ends, and I feel like I wasn’t getting enough rest, and of course, in order to be a conscious dreamer, one must get plenty of rest. I feel like the car crashing through the house was a sign that if I don’t take proper care of my body, my mind will collapse, or at least become damaged in some way.
Dreams since have not been nightmares, but I’ve also been getting more rest and finding more of a balance with things. Maybe that was the message my subconscious was sending to me. Message received!

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