Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The I LOVE Project: Tag! You’re It!

Yes, my husband and I still play Tag (although, with today's kids, it has evolved into "Infected" but it's the same idea). It can get pretty competitive, actually…I will even chase him out the door in my robe in the morning, if I have to, in order to maintain the title. Heck, I’ve nearly run after him wearing less that that! I know that we could probably rename the game Who is Feeding-Into Their Ego the Most Right Now? but it’s still pretty fun.
The game was on full-force earlier this evening, when I was trying to write my blog post, so that’s why I’m still up, later than I want to be, in order to meet my writing goals for the day. I’ll probably be tired tomorrow. I might be on the cranky side until my tea or Spark kicks in. And I may even have a “bad-hair” day.
But guess what?...
I won!

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