Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The I LOVE Project: Energy Cleansing Baths

It gets harder and harder in today’s world to stay balanced. So much gets us out of kilter. The running back and forth, the deadlines, the energy vampires that surround us (you know – those people that just suck your energy straight from your essence). It’s so important to cleanse – yes, the physical body, but the aura/energy field, too – in order to regain a state of centeredness, so as to function at one’s best.
I’m not 100% certain which book or blog or article or entity I picked this up from, but I am so thankful that I came across it, and even more thankful that I make it a part of my routine, even if only on a monthly basis when I really could use it weekly (or more!). I’ve done this enough to where I’ve come up with my own rituals, and it is so helpful in cleansing my energy field, putting me in a better mood, helping me de-stress, and it’s great for my skin, too; the benefits are amazing.
Here’s what I do:
Run a hot bath; sprinkle a box (1 lb) of baking soda into the water. Use that same box and fill it with Epsom salt (I have used plain and I’ve also used lavender for a calming effect– both are great!), pour about half of the salt into the bath and get in, and then I pour the rest over my body. (It helps to already be wet, as the salt will then stick to the skin.) I do this so I can use some of the salt as an exfoliant. Rub the salt into the skin, gently, especially on the arms and legs; I’ve noticed that the more tender areas, like the stomach, etc., can get a little irritated, but the irritation doesn’t last long (at least, for me), so see what works best for your body.
I set the intention to be cleansed in body, mind, and spirit, as I believe that makes a big difference in the positive effects of this practice. I often think of an old prayer from back in my Catholic Church days: “…wash away my inequities and cleanse me from my sins…” so I’ll include that, but I’ll also say a personal prayer of my own.  Then, I lie back and relax for about 15 minutes or so.
There are a few things I do to enhance the experience. First of all, when I submerge my ears, I can hear my heartbeat, and it makes for a beautiful meditative experience. It reminds me of drums, and my imagination drifts to a spiritual drumming ceremony, and that, to me, is calming and invigorating, at the same time. I’ve also taken these cleansing baths with a meditation station playing on Pandora, and that’s also nice, but often just the sound of my own heartbeat is what I need for serenity to take over. And if any other sounds resonate throughout my home or seep into my home from an outside source, instead of allowing them to distract me from my moment of peace, I allow them to play along with the heartbeat drum, creating a harmonic tune. Breathe as deeply and slowly as possible.
I will also occasionally roll my knees from one side to the other, for a few spinal twists. In addition to that, by rolling the head from side to side, with the head on the back of the tub, it not only massages the head itself, but helps to loosen the neck muscles, as well, which proves to be very relaxing.
When I’m finished soaking, I run the shower and rinse with cool water; the contrast in temperature is just plain awesome!
Be careful in getting out; I’ve found that I’m often so relaxed, that I’m light-headed. I grab a towel and lay it on the bed and lie down in a relaxation pose. Lying on the back, imagine what one’s arms do when someone says, “Stick ‘em up!”, with the arms forming a 90 degree angle: put your arms in that position, and breathe deeply and slowly, and just relax, eyes closed.
This is seriously one of the most remarkable experiences; no lie! Next time you’re feeling the need to unwind, I highly recommend this energy-cleansing bath!
You owe it to yourself.

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